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TVT, a socially responsible company

When you first see a Baobab tree is so inevitable to feel amazed by its greatness. It is a marvelous, unique, and imponent large tree so striking by its appearance as much as its name.

It is not surprising the Baobab has a spiritual meaning to the communities living where this magical tree is originally from. It provides them a means to connect with ancestral spirits through prayer and meditation.

Baobab, a land for all

Baobab is originally from Africa, needing special climate conditions to develop. This tree has so many properties and benefits from humans that it is so understandable you can consider it a miracle for a community's survival from a deity.

In the gastronomy industry, the tasty tart fruit of Baobab is the treasure eaten as food by many African people. But Baobab can also give industrial resources to construct in very handcrafted or advanced manufacturing. Human communities living in these trees' surroundings use them for building their house's roof, fiber for making household products, nutritious everyday food, and medicine.

Baobab around the planet

There are only 8 species of Baobab around the world. Six species are in Madagascar and one in Australia, making the African Baobab the only species growing on the continent.

The global trade in Baobab products has connected many thousands of African families with a direct income from Baobab fruit products. That includes us since Baobab became part of our high-quality exotic species portfolio.

We are also a socially responsible company.

Here at TVT, we commit to our clients to provide excellent supplies, and we know that wouldn't be possible without taking care of our providers around the globe.

That's why we are actively participating with Baobab Foundation to give back to the rural African families that take care of the amazing trees with such special dedication and love.

Being part of this Foundation, we have the opportunity to join its mission to:

  • Promote and support the conservation of these magnificent ancient trees.

  • Improve the lives of communities who live among these incredible trees.

We do that through the Baobab Foundation thanks to these four programs:


While baobab fruit collection remains a sustainable practice and doesn't impact the ecology or well-being of baobabs, studies show that the long-term survival of baobab populations is being threatened by environmental degradation and climate change. To ensure the survival of baobabs, an integrated approach, incorporating human needs and environmental variables, is required so that baobabs stay in our landscapes for many thousands of years to come.


Baobabs are an iconic, very long-lived, African savanna tree species known throughout the areas where they grow as a source of food, fiber, and medicine. Baobab products have been traded for hundreds of years throughout African, and recently, fruit derivatives (powder and oil) are sold on global markets. Thus, understanding their population size, recruitment, mortality, fruit production, and general ecology is very important to ensure that the resource is sustainably used and that any threats to their populations can be dealt with quickly and appropriately.


The Environmental Education program uses baobabs as an example of how conservation can be done by everyone and for the benefit of all. Young children, teenagers, and adults are encouraged to see conservation as something that must start at home and in their own communities. The baobab is an iconic tree that symbolizes our environment's health, and therefore, we all need to learn more about these majestic trees and how best to promote and protect them.


Women in rural villages are busy all day with tasks such as growing crops, trading in small goods, wild-harvesting foods, and collecting firewood and water. Often, their work takes them away from the village, and it's not always practical or safe to keep their very young children with them. It, therefore, becomes the task of one or two other village women to care for young children, and so informal pre-schools are set up.

You are also a part of this lives-changing mission.

So, now you know that every time you (or any of our five-stars clients) order Baobab from us, you too are providing for a better future for these rural families, their children, and their lands as much as the future of everyone else benefitting from new products using Baobab marvelous properties.

If you haven't yet tried Baobab (and we highly recommend that you do), your order is just one call or text away. Contact us to submit your request on Baobab or any other ingredients you would like to try.

Our representatives are ready to assist you with your purchase.

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