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The magnificent baobab tree, with its sturdy trunk and broad, root-like crown, is one of Southern Africa’s icons and a well-known sight in photographs and travel brochures.
Not as well-known is the fact that the tree’s fruit and leaves are both edible. This "superfruit" is particularly nourishing and rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
Our baobab has been certified Halal and Kosher. It is raw, organic and minimally processed in order to retain all of its nutrients as a plant based food and is naturally gluten-free.

Beetroot powder is one of our flagship products here at TVT. It is available as flakes, granules and powder.
The fertile soil in Egypt yields beetroot of excellent quality. It is widely used in the food industry as a natural colorant. Beetroot is also popularly implemented as a main ingredient for healthy snacks and smoothies.


Black lava sea salt adds an incredible layer of smoky flavor to meat, chicken, seafood, eggs, and vegetable dishes. Discover how black lava sea salt livens up your favorite dishes as it has a black color to make an amazing garnish.
With a stunning black color and silky texture, reminiscent of Hawaii’s black lava sand beaches, this salt is enriched with activated charcoal. This compliments the natural salt flavor and adds numerous health benefits to the salt.


Ceylon Pepper from Sri Lanka fetches a premium price in the international spice market. Black pepper is widely used as a ‘hot’ cooking spice and seasoning. The taste of Sri Lankan black pepper is richly aromatic, with floral and citrus notes, while retaining a strong pungency.

Due to unique chemical properties over other varieties, the ceylon variety has high reputation and demand in the world. Ceylon cinnamon contains more than 80 chemical components. Cinnamaldehyde is the essential component of the bark and eugenol is the main component found in the cinnamon leaf oil.

The ancient Egyptians believed that they could prevent the plague by using a mixture of fennel seeds.
Our fennel seeds are a condiment that will delight aniseed lovers. It brings subtlety to your dishes and awakens the senses. Consumed in infusion, it is the privileged partner of your well-being.


Delicate, moist and beautiful, Fleur de Sel is known as "the caviar of salts" by chefs around the world. The quintessential finishing salt choice for fine foods and used by cooks worldwide. Sought out by consumers everywhere, this salt is the result of a cool evening wind gently blowing across the surface of French salt ponds in Guérande. The soft crystals blossom quickly and are gathered by hand using traditional wooden tools in the centuries-old method.

Ginger is one of the earliest known oriental spices and is being cultivated in India for both as fresh vegetable and as a dried spice, since time immemorial. It is obtained from the rhizomes of zingiber officinale.
Our ginger powder is considered to be one of the finest in the world, commanding a premium price, because of its lemon-like flavor, low fiber content and high moisture content.

Our Gochugaru is made from 100% Korean-grown red chili peppers.
These chili peppers are grown in the countryside of Sunchang. There, the sun shines bright for many months and the climate is ideal for growing peppers.
It is perfect for seasoning marinades or Korean soups and stews.
It has a medium-level spice - which is great for everyday homecooking.


It is a taste of the sea - with plenty of iodine and umami flavor. Kombu, or konbu, seaweed is used extensively in Japanese cuisine, notably to make dashi stock. In its powdered form it can also be used to make the hot Japanese drink, kombucha, and is added to rice seasoning when making sushi.

Try adding kombu seaweed powder to vegetable purées, stocks and stews to introduce another salty, smoked, umami-rich dimension.

A gourmet salt produced according to Hawaiian traditional methods. After being dried in the sun it is mixed with a small quantity of red alaea clay which gives it its wonderful red color and unique flavor. Try it on grilled meat. Its fine granules and brilliant color make it perfect as a table salt.

With a brilliant color and intense aroma, this is how saffron is grown in Spain, precious strands that we sell as if they were precious metal. Saffron roses have inside yellow stamens and three orange-red filaments. These, once extracted and dried, are what we know as saffron.
Mediterranean cuisine is closely linked to this valuable spice. It is traditionally used as a coloring and seasoning in many stews (paellas, rice, vermicelli, fideuàs). A couple of strands of saffron are enough to flavored and improve an special dish.


Our sumac from Turkey has a lovely burgundy hue and gives foods a slightly tangy, lemony flavor. In Turkish cuisine, sumac powder is used mainly as a garnish. It is sprinkled on grilled meats, dumplings with yogurt, and mixed with onions to accompany sautéed calf liver.

Many chefs refer to our Italian truffle mix as the "Diamond of the Kitchen". They adore the aromatic aroma that these tasty treasures give off.
Truffles are not only a gourmet delicacy, they are healthy as well, containing potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as a high level of proteins.

Turmeric has been described in rather grand terms as the "golden spice".
Among many Hindu communities, turmeric is used in festive occasions like weddings as a marker of fertility and prosperity. Also, Indian women have always added a pinch of turmeric to their homemade face packs, believing that it leaves the skin clear and glowing.
It is commonly used as a spice, but it is also  known for its medicinal purposes.


Commonly called Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, our Indonesian vanilla has the best quality in the world. Our growers and suppliers harvest vanilla beans that are really ripe, which guaranties a higher standard of quality. Vanilla is one of the most expensive and well-known spices in the world, used in multiple applications such as mixture of cakes, ice cream, drinks, perfumes, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. The smell is unique and fragrant and it can enhance the taste and aroma of food, because it contains a volatile compound called vanillin.

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