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2022 is a great year to overcome our challenges and refresh our offer!

In 2021 the global supply chain crisis impacted most economic segments worldwide, and it was particularly a challenging year for global import and export activities.

As a result of this crisis, several unexpected changes affected our Industry, however, we have considered that these specific times bring unique opportunities to grow and evolve. We adapted fast, and succeeded in 2021, thanks to the unconditional support from our team, our customers, and our suppliers.

During 2022 we will keep our commitment to grow alongside the marketplace, servicing our customers’ requirements, and innovating our offer with new products, and new services such as:

  • A refreshed portfolio of products with special newcomers, including seaweed powders, organic vanilla, truffle powder, truffle by-products, new chili peppers varieties.

  • More Warehouse space from our new storage facilities in Jacksonville FL, in order to provide more space options, and be closer to our customers nationwide.

  • Floor stock deals from Jacksonville FL, and seasonal contracts, giving the opportunity to our customers of securing key and trending products beforehand and ahead of the market.

  • On-hand and In-stock inventory for last-minute requirements.

  • New market segments and new geographical areas to be targeted and serviced

At TVT we strive to become the premier source and solution of the most innovative, functional, and original food items from around the globe into the US food industry by providing:

The Highest Quality

Our high-quality products and specifications meet the most demanding standards in the market, and our customer-oriented team is always committed to supporting and providing all required documentation.

In addition to our Foreign Supplier Verification Program in place, all ingredients we offer are processed under the highest FDA and USDA standards. At TVT we minimize to zero the risks of misbranding and adulteration.

A vast Experience

With over ten years of experience in the Specialty Ingredients Industry, we service major food manufacturers and processors, national and regional retailers, foodservice distributors, copackers, blenders, and seasoning companies of all sizes, with absolute customer satisfaction. Our products meet the expectations and most detailed requirements for some of the largest, well-recognized, and most important key players in the industry.

With our well-rooted international network, solid importing process, cross-cultural capabilities, and commitment, we help our customers to reach their maximum potential.

An exceptional Customer Service

Something we are very proud of is our signature Customer Service. Our dedicated team of multicultural account managers is devoted to taking care of our customers and their orders, having under permanent tracking and supervision all stages of the supply chain process, from order placement until its final delivery.

And…A unique Portfolio

We have traveled to almost every corner of the world, looking for the best spices and suppliers, India, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Malaysia, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Brazil, Mexico, France, Indonesia…you name it.

We stand behind our products and services, so we could secure contracts from large volumes of commodity spices such as garlic, onion, pepper, cumin, coriander, basil, rosemary, and thyme, all the way to minimum quantities and special projects for specialty ingredients like vanilla, truffle, sumac, zaatar, seaweeds powders, and saffron, among many others.

We have the experience, the team, and the right offer, that allow us to support our former and new coming customers during these challenging times. This 2022 we are ready to keep growing and stay in the market as the most trustable supplier for spices, herbs, salts, and superfoods.

Please feel free to contact our team anytime at, we will be pleased to partner with you!

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