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Vanilla: Why is it so Expensive and Desirable?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

We all know Vanilla. We have tried many desserts (mostly) and some perfumes. It is even used for cosmetics. Due to its variety of fields where Vanilla's intense scent can participate and excel a new level of sensory experience, it is the number one spice worldwide, right after Pepper.

Yes, like any spice, Vanilla comes from nature. It is harvested from an orchid that only grows in tropical weather and it is the only orchid in the world grown by human hands.

As all orchids do, Vanilla plants are very delicate. That's the main reason why Vanilla is so expensive. The third most expensive spice in the world actually. The part used by humans is the fruit, which comes after the flower. The flowering phase is only available upon 6 days top. If the pollination process is not successful, flowers can't create Vanilla's large and thin pods with a strong sweet smell. Those are the ones actually needed. After two months of flower fecundation, the pods start to appear, but it's only after 9 months that they are ready to be harvested. Then, they have to be dried out properly to become the dark brown pods used in 5-stars kitchens.

But first, before all that, you need to assure plants do not die attacked by plagues while avoiding touching the Vanilla's sap, which can irritate human skin.

To get a high-quality Vanilla as the one we provide to all our customers, you need to assure the growing and harvesting process is well made, complying with safety protocols for plants and humans alike.

Our well rooted connections with the best Vanilla growers and processors in the world, allow us to be one of the most reliable and solid sources in the US market.

Feel free to contact us at to place your next order.

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