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The Story Behind Providing Five-Star Kitchens with Exquisite Ingredients and Spices

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

3 michelin star kitchen
Saison in San Francisco

We all know Columbus found America on his way to India, searching for a new, less expensive, therefore more profitable, route to the epicenter of the spice market.

Spice trading has been part of the economic, political, military, and even religious development of Europe and Asia. These culinary, medicinal, and spiritual supplies are so important in human history that some are even mentioned in the Bible.

Wars between empires, kingdoms, and nations affected directly the availability of spices and consequently their prices. In specific situations, spices were used as a paying method and there were times when only the royals and religious could afford them.

Several European empires and kingdoms have managed to control the monopoly of spices throughout fragments of history. That meant the royals themselves were involved in convoys overseas to reach the shiploads of their rivals.

But the exquisiteness of exotic spices was worth the risks and it paid extremely well for those who dared and survived.

History has changed, but spices are equally important, more popular, and easier to acquire. There are no lives at stake. But the secrets of the highest quality of exotic spices still are not accessible to all enterprises.

That's where TVT joins the tale to continue making history by providing five-star kitchens with these memorable and exquisite specialty ingredients.

We are dedicated to sourcing, importing, and supporting the distribution process of organic and all-natural food ingredients from around the globe to all US food industry segments in 3 specific categories: Spices, Superfoods, and Gourmet, with the implementation of unique processes for our one-of-a-kind products.

Through our well-rooted international network, solid importing process, cross-cultural capabilities backed up with our commitment, passion, and dedication to each specific project, we help our customers reach their maximum potential in the new imported lines.

And we want to also help you to get the levels of satisfaction desired for these innovative products.

Are you in need of spices for your business? Our portfolio offers at least 18 organic spices from our Specialties category for you to choose from. We have them in ground, powder, or grain versions in variable quantities, adjustable to your requirements.

If you are ready to place your order or need personalized service, we are ready and eager to continue making history side by side with you.

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